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Leviathan's Children

Leviathan's Children

Alternate Name: The 187
Collection Link: Magic Eden
Total # In Collection: 187
Revealed: 39/187


Leviathan's Children, also known as The 187, are the 187 main characters in the Truth universe. These characters are linked by their bonding with a Leviathan Shard or a chaotic event at some point in their existence.

Revealed Characters

Token ID Name Species Planets Elements
0 Hive Lord of the Faiwees Faiwee Earth Air
3 Tina the Dwarf Dwarf Earth Metal
9 Ka of the Children The Children The Yard Chaos
10 Edie of the Calliope Threstiian Threst Water
11 Æthrean The Vine-Scribe Ælfethlynn Cendrathiel Wood
14 Joy Turner Human Earth Order
16 The Steel Prince Hollow God Threst Metal
25 Polly The Nooblebug Noobles Nooble Air
32 Gyglid Bawambabum Wabaglob Llanwyth Chaos
38 O.G. "Spring" Coill Human Earth Fire
39 Clyde The Noobleduck Noobles Nooble Technology
42 Orduu The Nooblebear Noobles Nooble Wood
59 Bob the Scribe Unknown Earth Darkness Refracted
61 The Silent King Hollow God Threst Wood Refracted
66 Pepin The Wisp Elf Earth Order
78 Old Shinyguts The Barbican Mrn-Mrrhmr Llanwyth Stone
84 Kollyrion The Shrike Agent of Eris Any/All Chaos
85 Parika of Mirachinest Greater Avian Hourok Light
87 Nia Er Fulad Musafir Aerth Metal
89 The Chimera of Pain The Mistake The Pit Fire
90 Princess Gallabrien Elf Earth Wood
94 Buster The Nooblecat Noobles Nooble Stone
102 Muadakan Er Sarrha Musafir Aerth Fire
110 Imlorrix 343 Monk of the Deep Ulsharri Ulshar Order
111 Avan the Brightling Valposh Sivvos Light
116 Bridge the Waldragon Waldragon Earth Water
129 Nagunda Gobberbun Goblin Earth Stone
152 Fig Bonner Human Earth Air
154 The Chimera of Fear The Mistake The Pit Darkness
159 The Chimera of Hatred The Mistake The Pit Order
162 Anthema 512 Abbess of the Chasm Ulsharri Ulshar Darkness
163 Maurice Butterfield Human Earth Technology
164 Jara-Jara Jandamara Wabaglob Llanwyth Water
168 Li of the Children The Children The Yard Light
173 Or of the Children The Children The Yard Order
179 Ethelia The Windwitch Charmweaver Cendrathiel Air
180 The Coop Gallus Gallus Giganticus Various Chaos
182 Tofoo the Dragon Dragon Earth Light
184 Lord Buttbat and Bobsword the Pokestick Human (Post) Earth Darkness
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