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Imlorrix 343

Imlorrix 343

Full Name: Imlorrix 343 Monk of the Deep
ID: 11
Reveal Date: July 14th 2022
Planet: Ulshar
Species: Ulsharri
Element: Order


Ulsharri culture has venerated the Leviathan Shards for millennia, handing down the power of the bonding, generation after generation. Imlorrix 343 was chosen by the Deep Monks of Imlor to be the next to carry his shard just after his First Emergence. He spent his youth as Ivireth, training and studying for his role. Upon the death of Imlorrix 342, Ivireth was bonded to the shard of Imlor and became Imlorrix 343. Following the call of the shard, he recently became the first Imlorrix to swim to the planet's surface in over 100 generations.

Imlorrix 343's telepathy is a normal aspect of Ulsharri physiology, and not a gift of the shard.

Truth Labs Hints

The Ulsharri are the only group that seem to pass down the bonding of the shard, which suggest that the Ulsharri have been dealing with the Leviathan Shards for much longer than other planets/species.

Imlorrix's digital collectable is owned by Truth Arts co-founder Cesar Kuriyama a.k.a. TimeHacker.

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