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Eris' Guide

Where am I?

You are at the beginning of a wonderful journey through the Truth Arts creative ecosystem. What originally started as a web3 art collective has now become a massive undertaking in worldbuilding and story telling across both traditional and experimental media.

Who is Eris?

Eris is the Greek goddess of mischief, strife, chaos, and disorder. The art collectables, community puzzles, team mischief and characters in the Truth Universe all have loose ties to Eris mythology and Discordianism, the 1960's counter culture religious movement formed around Eris. The Eris and Aneris themes of chaos and order, mocking of belief systems, and expected the unexpected to be expected can be seen throughout the Truth Arts stories. Pentabruce (The Saturated), the Truth Arts lore master, has said that understanding Discordianism and the Principia Discordia text are not required to follow the story, but are very loose spiritual guides to the rules in which the universe is being built.


Created by TruthArts creative director Process Grey and Pentabruce, the world of Truth Arts is the beginning of the connected universe of Leviathan's Children and their stories. The visual stories and media start with Goblintown, which according to Process Grey is “the lens that audience first experiences our world.” the Truth Arts team has currently released 11 Planets, 17 Species and 11 Elements which connect the characters in both certain and uncertain ways.


The project's origins first started around secret societies and clubs such as the Illuminati. While there was never an original plan outside of building a community around those themes, the Truth Arts team began to develop characters and stories that combine the Illuminati and Discordia themes with familiar fantasy and sci-fi (goblins, elves, dragons, etc.), as well as new mythology and alternative history. The story is non-linear in structure, and the Truth Arts universe is constantly evolving as the community gives input to characters and ideas.

The Truth Arts team has primarily used it's Leviathan's Children twitter/X accounts to give more insight into the characters and planets as they are revealed. They have also done extensive story building through it's Goblintown and BiG iNC social media accounts.

Ok this is alot...where should I start?

If you're here because you care about great characters and the storytelling, start with Leviathan's Children. These characters are the main focus of the Truth Labs story telling ecosystem.

If you're familiar with some of the 187 characters, start at The Archivist page, which will take you through the current story line as characters are being revealed.

If you've stumbled on the Truth Arts ecosystem because of Goblintown, you can start with Goblintown to see how it connects to the rest of the Truth Arts universe and Leviathan's Children.

World Building

Each of Leviathan's Children has 3 main categories.


The area of the universe a character resides in or originate from. There are 11 planets currently recognized in the story. Each of these planets or universes have different locations or areas where characters may or may not interact.


The species classification denotes what type of animal, creature, humanoid or mythical being a character is. A few characters might originate from a planet but be of a different species. Cylde Is a good example of this.


Each character has a material classification. There is a lot of community speculation that these elements possibly will lead to an overarching story point or a spiritual connection between the worlds.


Goblintown is the entry to the Truth Arts universe. All of the games, comics, and short video content released by the Truth Arts team will start here. More information on Goblintown's origins and community can be found on the sidebar.

A great external resource is the Goblintown Museum by community member moistttttttttt


BiG iNC is the main protagonist organization to the characters in Goblintown. The Big Inc story, characters and connections to Leviathan's Children can be found on the sidebar.

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