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The elements of the universe are primal, abstract forces. Although each of them is in fact a complex and multifaceted energy, most cultures who have identified and deal with them have developed simplified terminology for them. In most cases, narratives in the Truth Arts universe adopt the traditional Elven system of imagining them as a wheel or eleven-pointed star.

There are others, however - the traditional Ulsharri model of the elements imagines them as the faces of a dodecahedron, with the twelfth face reserved for “the Before and the After.” As a species that evolved deep underwater, they also label some of the elements themselves differently from the elves.

Nearly all things in the universe, from living beings to distant clouds of space dust, produce, receive, and are conduits for all eleven of these elements. Very few beings or things contain them in equal measure, however, and a very few have become like magnifying (or refracting) prisms for these energies. This magnifying quality seems to correlate to the presence or passing of Leviathans, though the exact nature of the relationship between Leviathans and focused elemental energy is unclear.

The elements are generally organized in such a way that related concepts, or elements whose influence is similar, are grouped together, and elements whose influence seem to oppose each other are presented as opposites or near-opposites. Other methods of organization also exist: the Valphoshi model, for example, not only identifies these elements in conceptually very distinct terms, but also depicts the elements as a pyramid, with the most “primal” or ancient (according to Valposhi tradition) elements at the base and more “refined” or new elements further up.

Refraction and/or Inversion

In addition, each of the eleven elements has an extremely rare opposite energy referred to as “refracted” by the Elves and “inverted” by the Ulsharri. Not all of these refracted forces have been documented, but Ulsharri scientists have made educated predictions about what these energies might be.

The Elements and Humans

Strangely, no known human civilization on any world has identified or developed a model of the elements, though all human civilizations seem to eventually develop basic physical forces. The Ulsharri believe this may be a clue to the problem of the Human Diaspora, which the Ulsharri have as yet been unable to solve.

List of Elements

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