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Cliff Notes

Alright degens, here's what's going on in the Truth Universe. Note that this summary is gathered with the following information:

  • There's a ton of clues within the Leviathan's Children & 187 reveals on the Twitter/X accounts. The Archivist's notes are gathered here on the wiki and are a great resource to piece things together.
  • The various X accounts from Truth Labs. You can return to the Home page to find them.
  • Goblintown & BiG iNC collection reveals and traits also have quiet a bit of information.
  • Various community members on Twitter. A good one is Special Herbs who is an active community member and has put a lot of work into piecing things together.
  • Clues from Pentabruce himself. While he obviously knows where things are going, he does a great job of giving information that enlightens but also keeps those who are interested engaged. He is the mastermind behind all of the details in the Elements page, for example.

Community Summary/Guesses

The Truth Arts story starts in Goblintown, but it's just the beginning!

  • Maurice Butterfield is actively pitching his inventions to Goblins.
    • He has Illuminati lineage - Maternal grandfather was a 23rd-level Magister of the Bavarian Illuminati
    • He is a main character in the first edition of the Goblintown graphic novel.
  • Goblin's are one of the many creatures being captured by BiG iNC for their experiments (and given the name “Garblins”).

Big Inc is the protagonist to not only the Goblins in Goblintown, but creatures across the Universe

  • In Big Mister's headshot, he's hold an Illuminati book that shows up in the Illuminati Art Collection.
  • G.L. Arbell aka “Glarbl” is assumed to be actively helping employees escape BiG iNC.
  • Bridge the Waldragon also escaped from BiG iNC after being used as Muscle through his cousin “Edison.” It's possible that Maurice and his experiments has a connection to Edison given his affinity for Thomas Edison.
  • There are traits in the BiG iNC collection that look like Noobles, Wabaglobs, Waldragon's and potentially others (Greater Avian)

The Noobles from planet Nooble are the closely involved with Big Inc's active kidnapping and brainwashing of creatures in the universe.

  • NESFART (Nooble Extra Special Task Force Advanced Recon Team) is actively involved in recon into Big Inc.
    • Clyde is a NESFART agent escaped Big Inc with the help of “Mallory” (who is possibly WAS or was related to the CFO Mallory Anatid
    • Clyde is also possibly related to Clyde V Hound who was Big Inc's CTO. Clyde also has the Technology element, and has been noted by the Archivist to be working on Inventions that allows for him to send messages to other worlds.

The Wabaglob's of planet Llanwyth might be actively investigating in Goblintown/Big Inc as well

  • In one of the Archivist's dreams, she dreams of transporting from a giant coffee cup into a forest with talking lizards. BiG MiSTER is often depicted holding a giant cup of coffee.
  • The Wabaglobbian Lookitdat Forces (Jara-Jara Jandamara is a member) is also a scouting organization that potentially is looking into BiG iNC the same way NESFART is.

Aerth and Earth are loosely connected somehow.

  • While having no direct ties to Earth yet, has a potential illuminati connection with Muadakan Er Sarrha becoming the first “Illuminated” one when he comes in contact with his Leviathan Shard.

Threst has been destroyed by SOMETHING

The Ulsharri and the planet Ulshar play a very big role in the story

  • Anthema is primed to play a big part in the story. The Archivist is consistently being contacted in her dreams by Anthema.
  • The Ulsharri are also one of the oldest civilizations in the Truth Universe, and part of a different solar system than Earth, orbiting around Qaphat, a.k.a. TRAPPIST-1, which is a recent discovery of a planetary system with potential similarities to the Solar System.
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