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Alternate Name: BiG iNC
Collection Link: Magic Eden
Total # In Collection: On-Going
Revealed: 8,159+


BiG iNC is the secret organization operating within Goblintown that is kidnapping creatures from across the universe and making them employees.


A Message from Employee Resources:

Welcome to the extraordinary world of BiG iNC. As the Employee Resources Director of our esteemed corporation, I am thrilled to present this unique collection of fifteen thousand of our beloved employees—a veritable menagerie of creatures, each one of whom plays a pivotal role in our company's success. Within these frames, you will witness a captivating blend of nature's grace and the business world's elegance. Each portrait encapsulates the individual personalities, diverse talents, and specific responsibilities that contribute to our organization's vibrant culture. From our C-suite to the newest and shiniest recruit, each one of them have seamlessly integrated into our corporate environment.

Community Lore

Many in the Truth Arts community believe that the story of BiG iNC takes place in Goblintown's past. There's many instances of characters in Leviathan's Children who are related to, or have a past history with BiG iNC board members or characters within the story.

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