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Big Mister

Full Name: BiG MiSTER
Previous Incarnation: Ed the Dragon
Company: BiG iNC
Planet: Earth


BiG MiSTER was born the eldest of three children to a single mother a long, long time ago. Despite the challenges of poverty and ostracism the family faced, BiG MiSTER's mother instilled in them a strong work ethic and a determination to succeed. BiG MiSTER did his best to act as a father figure to his younger siblings, but after the tragic disappearance of his sister and the subsequent falling out with his irresponsible younger brother, BiG MiSTER decided it was time to focus on achieving his own life goals. He founded Big, Inc., and through diversification and aggressive hiring tactics, took the company from nothing to one of the world’s industry leaders in manufacturing of everything. He believes that with fierce dedication and a willingness to succeed, anyone can help him achieve his goals.

Truth Story

Big Mister is the re-incarnation of Ed the Dragon, who died during Da Egg storyline in Goblintown.

It is believed that Ed has two siblings, a brother named Billions and a Sister who is missing. It is safe to assume that his sister is Tofoo, who has been transformed into a plant according to her Leviathan's Children biography.

Community Lore

BiG MiSTER and BiG iNC are most likely connected to the Illuminati. It was been pointed out that in his corporate headshot that he's holding a “Those Who Remain” book under his arm.

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