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Anthema 512

Anthema 512

Full Name: Anthema 512 Abbess of the Chasm
ID: 162
Reveal Date: March 31st 2023
Planet: Ulshar
Species: Ulsharri
Element: Darkness


Anthema 512 is the current Keeper of the Shard of Anthem, and Abbess of the Temple of the Chasm. For over twenty thousand years, the Anthema have acted as oracles for the rules of Ulshar, peering into the deepest crack in the Ulshar's world ocean for the secrets kept in the dark. Since ascending to the status of Keeper, Anthema 512 has been making strange and ominous pronouncements. No one knows if she's half-mad, if she's playing some strange game, or if Ulshar really is in for some very dark times.

Anthema doesn't so much “see in the dark” as “see the darkness itself.”

Truth Labs Hints

The Ulsharri are the only group that seem to pass down the bonding of the shard. Both Anthema and Imlorrix 343 have previous holders of their shard, which suggest that the Ulsharri have been dealing with the Leviathan Shards for much longer than other planets/species.

Archivist's Message

The Archivist connects with Anthema quiet regularly in her messages.
March 31st, 2023
March 26th, 2024
April 24th, 2024

Community Lore

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