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The Community's Guide to the Truth Arts Universe

WIP - Elements pages complete, Planets are next with Hourok and Ulshar completed.

Site is best viewed in Dark mode and on Desktop or Mobile. Still heavily WIP but we're getting there

Welcome to the Truth Arts Universe Wiki!

This is a community hosted project that will attempt to store all of the public information from Truth Arts in one, easy to search location. This site is optimized to be a technical reference website in order to be easily maintained and quickly updated. If you're interested in participating or donating time to this initiative, join the Truth Arts Discord and speak with 0xjnx for more information.

I'm very confused...

Start here

The best way to navigate the wiki is to start at Eris' guide.

You can also navigate to any of the categories on the sidebar on the left hand side of the page.

There's a lot of information to digest and understanding the general themes and central characters of the Truth Universe makes it easier. You can also use the search bar at the top of the wiki to search for any terms or names you might have seen.

We are 2 and 1/2 years into a very long journey, so information will be change/update as we go. Start slow, and take your time.

I don't have time to dig in, just tell me what's happening!

Fine, here are some early cliff notes

The cliff notes will be the fastest way to understand the stories and the potential threads that connect them. You should really dive into the characters and the links though, it's worth it!

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